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The MT-10 is the first state of the art turntable by a major American company since the legendary Empire Scientific tables. The MT-10 is precision crafted by highly skilled craftspeople in Germany using a significant portion of American parts to McIntosh design specifications.

The turntable features state of the art design concepts including a sandwiched base, speed controlled belt drive, massive precision balanced acrylic platter and hand carved low output moving coil cartridge. Unlike other products which aspire to top tier performance the MT-10 requires no tweaking or elaborate set up. The table is shipped completely balanced. set up and perfected right from the factory.

Quotes Follow:

"The distinctive MT10, which features a light green tinted platter that glows while in use.... With its massive black tone arm, copper edged cabinet and oversized chrome plated tuning knobs, the MT10 harkens back to the classic days of vinyl, adding a hint of modernity and elegance to sheer high-fidelity excellence.

The McIntosh® MT10 turntable is a vinyl puristís dream-come-true. The large polished, green tint platter is balanced to perfection, providing the ultimate in sonic fidelity and sensitivity. A custom moving coil cartridge and custom high-performance tone arm ensure no-compromise audio reproduction. The McIntosh backlit glass front panel with analog speed indication meter adds to the unitís distinctive styling, and the MT10ís meticulously engineered belt drive features an isolated, speed stable, precision motor assembly. Front panel rotary knobs are provided for power/standby and speed control, and an external, fully regulated power supply ensures ample regulated power at all times."
From press release dated September 6, 2007

"The new McIntosh MT-10, our first-ever turntable, marries classic McIntosh glass front panel cosmetics with serious mechanics to create a unique, ready-to-play LP solution thatís sure to please Mac aficionados everywhere. The base, a damped sandwich of stainless steel and acrylic plate, provides a resonance-free foundation. A massive acrylic platter spins on a custom magnetic bearing while a regulated power supply drives a super-quiet brushless Swiss DC motor. Unmatched accuracy is derived from a new electronic speed control that references 1,595 strobe markings per revolution of the platter. Speed selections of 33 1/3, 45, or 78 RPM are made from the front panel and are registered on a blue backlit McIntosh meter. A custom tonearm features a rigid dural-aluminum arm-tube gimbaled in two sapphire (horizontal) and two ceramic (vertical) bearings for the least possible friction. A 0.5mV moving-coil cartridge features an ebony body and a unique elliptical stylus design that enables playback of 78 RPM recordings without compromising tracking performance on standard LPís. Tracking force, anti-skate and cartridge position are preset at the factory for turn-key operation right out of the box."

"Introduction The McIntosh MT10 Precision Turntable with the McIntosh MCC10 Moving Coil Cartridge offers the latest in playback of vinyl recordings. A full complement of performance features allows for the enjoyment of all recordings reproduced with flawless realism. The advanced electronic and mechanical design ensures many years of smooth trouble free operation.

Advanced Technology Turntable The MT10 combines the latest technology in Phono Cartridges, Tone Arms, Mechanical Suspensions and Record Platter Rotation for superb performance and accurate operation.

Moving Coil Cartridge The McIntosh MCC10 Moving Coil Cartridge has a hand polished ebony wood-tone body and is slightly rounded, leading to a resonance free construction. High impedance, together with high output voltage, ensures noise free musical reproduction. The ruler-flat frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz provides solid realistic bass, uncolored midrange and natural high frequencies.

Tone Arm The MT10 Tone Arm is made from Dural-Aluminium with special damping material. The Tone Arm is both light in weight and highly rigid. The noise free Veritcal Bearings are made from two high precision ceramic surfaces with damping fluid. The Horizontal Bearing is a gimballed sapphire design.

Turntable Platter The over twelve pound, two and one-half inch thick platter is made from a special silicone acrylic material. This helps to resist external vibrations from reaching the record during playback and its large mass provides the perfect flywheel action for stable playback speed

Precision Motor and Drive Electronics The Swiss made DC Brushless Motor is controlled by a highly refined sevo control system. As the Turntable Platter rotates, an optical sensor ďreadsĒ the 1595 micro stripes on a disk affixed to the bottom of the platter. This provides precise feedback information to the sevo control system thus assuring very accuate speed rotation. Introduction and Performance Features

Illuminated Speed Meter The Illuminated Speed Meter on the MT10 indicates the true rotation speed of the turntable platter.

Magnetic Air Damped Bearing The MT10 Turntable Platter rotates on a special bearing using magnetic suspension together with a cushion of air to provide vibration free rotation.

Multi-Layered Damped Chassis The MT10 Turntable Chassis is composed from a Stainless Steel base plate, a thick Aluminium plate, an Acrylic plate and together with internal damping material all help to assure the only sound heard is from the record groove itself.

Power Control The Power Control Input connection provides convenient Turn-On/Off of the MT10 Front Panel Illumination when connected to a McIntosh System with Power Control.

Fiber Optic Solid State Illumination The even Illumination of the Front Panel and the Turntable Platter is accomplished by the combination of custom designed Fiber Optic Light Diffusers and extra long life Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

Glass Front Panel and Super Mirror Chassis Finish The famous McIntosh Illuminated Glass Front Panel and the Stainless Steel Chassis with Super Mirror Finish ensure the pristine beauty of the MT10 will be retained for many years."
From Owners Manual